Sine Wave Inverter

Sine Wave Inverter is a general purpose UPS based on the PWM technology. Available up to 10KVA rating, this inverter is suitable for running all those industrial appliances that require three phase AC voltage.

The output of Sine wave inverter is a pure sine wave, which is the result of pulse-width modulation technology. All your equipment will be protected against surges, spikes, battery reverse polarity, situations like over discharge once you install Sine wave inverters from RS Power.

With switching frequency over 10kHz and efficiency greater than 85% it works on most input and output voltages, required by industrial appliances and machines. The design also includes indicators like mains presence, mains mode, battery charging, inverter mode, battery low etc.

Some Features to Note are:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Auto switchover to Inverter mode
  • High efficiency and reliability
  • Desired Sinusoidal wave as output
  • Prevents appliances from crashes

Useful for:

  • Industry appliances
  • Media houses
  • Corporates

RS Power is an award winning Sine wave inverter manufacturer, supplier and exporter from India. The product design, engineering and testing is done by an ISO certified team. In case of queries regarding configuration and installation, you can reach out to us and get immediate assistance.

Range/Capacity : up to 10 KVA