Isolation Transformer

Isolation transformer comes handy when you have to deal with improper power supply that has a lot of noise. Uncommon supply can damage all your sensitive electronic devices, because there is no shielding provided against it. Isolation transformer provides electromagnetic shielding to all your industrial devices that are at risk of getting damaged in such a situation.

Save yourself from big infrastructural losses, by installing an isolation transformer. It comes with the ability to filter unwanted surges, spikes, noise and transients up to 85db. All your industrial electronic equipment is completely shielded from disturbance and faulty supply.

Electrical noises are a common problem in many industrial power supplies and it leads to errors in results or complete failure of sensitive devices. Thus, it is important to install an isolation transformer in order to keep all your critical and sensitive machines safe.

Some features to note:

  • Complete electrostatic shielding
  • High noise filtering capacity
  • Isolates sensitive and critical equipment from noise power lines

Useful for:

  • Industrial automation applications
  • Refineries
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Chemical plants

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Range/Capacity : 1 - 500 KVA