SMPS Battery Charger

Often we need a noiseless, reliable, efficient and most importantly a compact power supply. SMPS based battery charger is a device that helps you achieve all that, and ensures appliance safety as well.

RS Power's SMPS Battery charger serves the purpose of putting energy into secondary cells or rechargeable batteries efficiently. Putting current in other devices is extremely easy, because of its user-friendly design and compact build. You can carry it in any part of your industry and install it.

It incorporates switching regulators that help you convert electrical power at very high frequency. The charger handles high variation in input voltages very well. Also output voltage is well regulated against load and line variations.

SMPS based battery charger is capable of providing constant current (CC) as well as constant voltage (CV) charging.

Some Features to note:

  • Modular design
  • Efficiency greater than 75%
  • Rectified and smooth output
  • Rugged design
  • Ability to charge SMF (VRLA), Ni-Cd, Lithium ion and tubular batteries
  • Can handle high voltage fluctuations

Useful for:

  • Railway utilities
  • Process industries
  • DG set batteries
  • Telecom/Infocom power supply
  • Battery manufacturing industries

RS Power company is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of SMPS Battery chargers (Constant voltage constant current type) in India. Our R&D team has won numerous awards since 1998 and all our products are ISO certified.

Range/Capacity : 12V/60 Amp, 24V/50 Amp