On-Line UPS

RS Power is an award winning company you can trust for all your industrial power solutions. They are leading manufacturers and suppliers of On Line UPS systems in India.

On Line UPS Systems On Line UPS systems are devices that can efficiently supply power to your servers and network equipment. The quality, performance and safety measures of uninterruptible power supply are top notch as it comes from the team of ISO awarded experts.

Powerful and Reliable All your industrial power back up needs are taken care of by these UPS systems. They give you uninterrupted power supply and charge their own battery automatically, means you get high efficiency, low noise and faster transient response.

Some Features to note are:
  • Soft Start Facility
  • Constant Voltage and Frequency
  • Protection from spike, surges, RFI, EMI
  • Converts incoming AC to filtered DC
  • Re-synthesizes DC back to AC with a pure sine wave
  • Available up to 300KVA
  • Less Harmonic Distortion

Useful for:
  • Small business equipment
  • Medical Lab Equipment
  • Workstation
  • Offices, Data Centers and Studios
  • Industrial Automation

Protect your sensitive equipment and machine systems from spikes and surges using certified products that can handle it easily. All RS Power products are tested thoroughly and come with after sales support.

Range/Capacity : 1 - 30 KVA

Range/Capacity : 40 - 300 KVA